Excellent places to visit in Munich

Munich is the capital city of the largest federal state of Germany, Bavaria. Munich is a very big city that has a number of districts that provided a number of tourist places, restaurants, nightlife, and accommodations. Munich is also famous for the great architectural structures and the beautiful culture it has. The Oktoberfest beer festival is a world-famous celebration of the people of Munich.

Many tourists reach the place to celebrate the beer festival. Some of the most attractive destinations of Munich is described in the article.

Schloss Nymphenburg

This palace comes in the region of Neuhausen. The baroque palace was the summer residence of the rulers of Bavaria. There is an 8000 seat beer garden in the surrounding area that was almost filled up during earlier times of Kingdom rule. brazil visa free countries


This comes in the center part of the city which is near to Marienplatz. This was built in the year 1385. This was a small moated castle and it was gradually expanded by the Wittelsbach rulers. In the way, it was used until the year 1918 as the residence and the government place.

Statue of Bavaria

This statue is nearly 20 m high and stands on the western border which is next to the Hall of Fame. A small platform that is used for city viewing is also built in this statue.

Englischer Garten

This famous park is situated in the Schwabing area. Here the entry is made free by the officials. There is no other place in the world that is more relaxing than the park.

Riemer Park

This was built in an area of nearly 2005 acres of the German garden Festival. This large park that is having a clear and beautifully decorated lake is a wonderful recreation spot. On a hot day try visiting the place during the Germany tours.

BMW Museum

This is a must to see itinerary for the entire BMW enthusiast. Try including this in your Germany tour package.

City Museum of Munich

This draws our attention to the most delighting history of the Munich district. The world war really tore down the musical museum and puppetry museum along with the Munich district.

Deutsches Museum

This is the largest technical museum in the world. Here we can find a friendly environment with lots of section describing natural science, engineering, construction etc. An important transportation exhibition is also displayed in the near vicinity. A larger airplane collection is also present which cannot be discarded during your German visit. If you’re interested in older monuments, go to Egypt, To do this, use: Egypt Travel Visa

German Theatre Museum

This was built 10 years ago. This is full of memorabilia and brings light to the development nature of the country.

National Bavarian Museum

This is one of the most famous cultural and historical museums in the whole of Europe. There is a large collection of European art forms and sculptures ranging from the Middle Ages to the modern period. The collection includes important antiques, armor, pottery, furniture, porcelain, etc.